Booking Etiquette

As a sensual provider, my goal is to create a safe and positive space for our time together. For this to happen, you must also bring positive intention and energy to our interactions. This includes our communication while booking an appointment.

Unfortunately, the anonymity of internet and phone communication can lead people to forgo common courtesy and manners they otherwise have face-to-face. Please show me the same respect and manners during the booking process that you would any other person who provides wellness services.

My booking process is in place for my safety and privacy, and my safety as an independent female provider is not negotiable. Disrespectful, entitled, or harassing messages signal potential problems and undermine a sensual connection. If you cannot follow my booking protocols, I am unable to offer you service. If I express that your communications are making me uncomfortable, correct your behavior to move forward with booking.

Please be communicative over text. If you do not respond to my messages in a timely manner, I reserve the right to cancel your appointment and charge a deposit for future bookings.

For information on etiquette when we meet in person, please see my Etiquette page.