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Due to limited availability while on tour, advanced bookings are highly encouraged. Advanced bookings also receive a $100 discount on the session. I require a 30% deposit for all bookings.

Massage: $650/Hour.​

1 hour companionship meet: $1,700

2 hours drinks date: $2,700

3 hours high tea (meal): $3,600

4 hours decadent desert: $4,400

6 hours lavish meal (and activity): $5,600

8 hours entanglement: $6,600

9+ hour adventures, please contact me to discuss further.

Added time: If we go beyond our booked time together, you may extend our date further if I am available. $500 for each additional half hour.


​USD cash. I accept WishTender for discreet gifts, deposits and cancellation fees: ​I accept Amazon digital gift cards for gifts and deposits. I accept Cash App ($hakta) for gifts, deposits and cancellation fees only if the payment is titled "massage", "consultation", "spa", "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Holidays".


I understand that unexpected circumstances may arise requiring you to cancel or reschedule our date. However, as I have reserved the time just for us, arranged my schedule accordingly and prepared myself for you, I have implemented a deposit policy for all dates outside of Los Angeles. Same day rescheduling is the only option while on tour if I'm able to do so since my availability is very limited. If for any reason I may have to cancel our date, your deposit will be refunded within 24 hours of cancellation. ​